Persian Gulf Tour

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Standard: €1,150

Economy: €840

  • 12 Days
  • Tehran-Shiraz

About the tour

Persian Gulf

The Persian Gulf is located in the Middle East in between Iran and Arabian countries which contains rich history and culture for thounds of years with beautiful beaches.

Opportunities in Persian Gulf

In the Iranian hitory it played a great role of establishing civilization with great cities and harbors and opportunities for sailing and Agriculture and beside this for art and architecture with local music and Dance play important role in Iranian culture.

Persian Gulf tour

This tour that we orginazed you which is suitable for Autumn and winter provides you great visit of Ancient history from susa for Elamites and Asurian and Achaemenids and then great views of Gulf and strange geopark of that.


  • Transportation
  • Professional Guide
  • Visa invitation code
  • 4star hotels
  • Meals(optional)
  • Entrance fee

Tour Rules

The itinerary is flexible. Please contact us or book the tour for more details.
The Price Is For One Person With A Minimum Of 2 People without meals (BB). 
Economy tours hotels are 2* with public transportation and you will have a guide in whole trip excluding meals and entrance fees. An optional economy version is having a private car for transportation with no guide.
In Standard tours private car will be used and you will have a guide in whole trip and hotels are 4* including entrance fees.
It's possible to choose a luxury version on above mentioned tour with additional price to the standard version to have a private VIP transportation and suite in 5* hotels.

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Day1Arrive in Tehran

Arrive in Tehran, Our guide will meet you in the airport and transfer you to your hotel to rest and according to your arrival time in the morning we will start our program. We will visit the National museum with its vast collection of Iranian ancient history and Islamic valuable staff and then you will walk to Golestan palace in the heart of Tehran and Qajar period enjoying the Contemporary history with great palaces of mirror and Treasure of Qajar and then finish our great day with national Jewel crown which in Iranian Treasure from Safavid until Pahlavi.

Day2 Visit Tehran and Fly to Qeshm

This morning Check out from Hotel and Head to Carpet Museum and enjoy Iranian famous art Carpet including different carpet from all over the country with old pieces and then drive to north of Tehran and visit Saadabad Complex for Royal family of Pahlavi and have lunch in the Darband special restaurant in the north of Tehran and transfer to Airport for your flight.

Day3Visit Qeshm Island

This morning we will enjoy natural beauties of the Gulf first en joying geo park of Qeshm including stars valley and wander around with its strange shapes because of erosion and then drive to Hormoz island to appreciate mineralogical and colorful hills and coast.

Day4Visit Hengam island and Harra Forest

Today we use ferry to travel to another island with its famous English harbor buildings along with the coal storage, the Portuguese shipwrecks, and aquatic animals such as turtles, dolphins, corals, and sharks then we will enjoy special protected area of Harra forest,Due to a lack of precipitation, the island’s soil and water are salty. As a result, specialists have helped cultivar white mangrove or Hara trees to grow in the climate. The Hara tree, Avicennia marina, grows to heights of three to eight meters and has bright green leaves and twigs.

Day5&Day6Move to Kish island

We have option of flying to kish Island or mainly we have special ships which is started to work recently and it contains 130 cabins and 417 beds. It has a variety of amenities, including a swimming pool, sauna, a restaurant, two movie theaters, a library, a conference hall, a cafe and playroom for children and 1 night on the sea travel enjoying clear and great Gulf.

Day7Visit Kish

Kish island in the visitors views is the best and modern island in the Gulf and also one of the top areas on the middle east ,today we will visit the ancient town Harireh visiting this ancient town is an opportunity to get acquainted with the island's history in the evening we will visit the water cellar and type of life in this Island free at leisure to have fun in the island. You can enjoy the island’s natural attractions by swimming, diving, kite boarding, skiing, and boating on clear water of Persian Gulf, and paying a visit to the various shopping centers.

Day8Visit kish and fly to Ahvaz

The Kish qanat is more than 2,500 years old, and currently it has been converted into an underground town at a depth of 16 meters below the surface, with an area of more than 10,000 sq. m. In the reconstruction of this qanat named Cariz, spaces have been allocated to handicraft stalls, restaurants and traditional teahouses, amphitheaters, conference centers, and art galleries evening flight to Ahvaz the city which destroyed by the Iraqi army in the Iran Iraq war and has a long history dating back to the Achaemenid period. In the ancient times, it had been one of the main centers of the Academy of Jondishapur. It is home to several universities, institutions, prominent companies and sport clubs. In Iran, it is known for its ethnic diversity. It is home to Persians, Lurs, Arabs, Jews, Iranian Armenians and Mandaeans, hence different languages are spoken in it.

Day9Visit Susa and Sustar and ziggurat and hydraulic system

The remnants and the historical relics of Susa are testament to the fact that this city was established several years before Christ. This is the region where one of the first governments of the world was formed, resulting in the merger between the two cultures of the Iranian plateau and Mesopotamia. We pay homage to the tomb of Daniel which has attracted a steady flow of pilgrims from all over the Middle East. Next, we will be enchanted by the exquisite beauty of the Apadana Palace and the historical castle of Susa. Then we visit the charming Shushtar waterfalls and historical bridges. Finally we fill our imagination with wonder with a visit to the magnificent Chogha Zanbil Temple and the historical relics of Haft Tapeh and Sustar Hydraulic system after all.

Day10Drive to Shiraz and visit Bishapur ancient town and Tange choghan reliefs

On the way to Shiraz visit Bishapur which is an ancient city situated south of modern Faliyan, on the ancient road between Persis and Elam. The road linked the Sassanid capitals Istakhr (very close to Persepolis) and Ctesiphon. We will also visit Anahita Temple with its strange and interesting structure remaining from Sassanid time. The last stop will be at ‘Chogan Gorge’ which is a valley with a river north of the ancient city of Bishapur. There are 6 giant rock carvings on walls telling the story of the Roman Empire defeat by the Sassanid king, Shapour II (309 - 379) and also King Bahram II (276–293) conquering Arabs and rebels and the Great Sasanid reliefs about the victory to Roman empire and head to Shiraz.

Day 11Visit Shiraz

This city of sophistication will never fail to conjure up images of roses and nightingales, gardens and poetry. Early in the morning, relish in the highlights of Shiraz when it was the capital of Iran during the Zand Dynasty. Be inspired by the glorious Karim Khan Palace, the splendid Vakil Mosque, Vakil Bazaar and Saraye Moshir with its splendid architecture and interesting ethnic souvenir shops, and the Nasir Almolk Mosque and Great Merchant palace Ghavam garden.

Day 12Visit Persepolis and Necropolis and Pasargadae

Visit to Persepolis. Founded by Darius I in 518 B.C., Persepolis was the capital of the Achaemenid Empire. It was built on an immense half-artificial, half-natural terrace, where the king of kings created an impressive palace complex inspired by Mesopotamian models. The importance and quality of the monumental ruins make it a unique archaeological site. It seems that Darius planned this impressive complex of palaces not only as the seat of government but also, and primarily, as a showplace and a spectacular center for the receptions and festivals of the Achaemenid kings and their empire such as Nowruz. The second place we stop by is Necropolis. Opposite Mount Rahmat, ten minutes to the north, proudly stands the Necropolis, the magnificent burial place of Achaemenid kings. The site also provides seven bas-reliefs dating back to Elamite and Sassanid periods and then Cyrus the Great Tomb in Pasargad.

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