Iran Discovery in a month

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Standard: €2,800

Economy: €2,020

  • 30 Days
  • Tehran-Mashhad

About the tour

Iran Tour

There is lovely full program of visiting 70 percent of Iran including North & North West, West, Centeral, South East & West in 30 days.


  • Transportation
  • Professional guide
  • Visa invitation code
  • 4 star hotels
  • Meals(optional)
  • Entrance fee

Tour Rules

The itinerary is flexible. Please contact us or book the tour for more details.
The Price Is For One Person With A Minimum Of 2 People without meals (BB). 
Economy tours hotels are 2* with public transportation and you will have a guide in whole trip excluding meals and entrance fees. An optional economy version is having a private car for transportation with no guide.
In Standard tours private car will be used and you will have a guide in whole trip and hotels are 4* including entrance fees.
It's possible to choose a luxury version on above mentioned tour with additional price to the standard version to have a private VIP transportation and suite in 5* hotels. 

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Day 1Arrival to Tehran IKA airport

Tehran is the capital of Iran from 1795 and established by Karimkhan Zand,Excursion in Tehran Golestan palace,The lavish Golestan Palace is a masterpiece of the Qajar era, embodying the successful integration of earlier Persian crafts and architecture with Western influences. The walled Palace, one of the oldest groups of buildings in Teheran, became the seat of government of the Qajar family, which came into power in 1779 and made Teheran the capital of the country,old bazaar, national museum,jewel crown.

Day 2Leave Tehran Heading to Qazvin

Qazvin capital of Iran in Safavid era,Enjoy Friday mosque,Chehel sotun palace, Aminiha house and Sadoll saltane caravanseray and then heading to the Alborz mountains and enter to the Assasian(Hashashians) Valley, Alamut Castle was originally built in the ninth century at an elevation over 6,800 feet. It was constructed in such a way that it only had one passable entrance that wound its way around the cliff, making the fortress difficult to conquer. But in 1090 A.D., a man named Hassan-i Sabbah was able to do just that.

Day 3visit Alamut castel and ovan lake

Drive back to Qazvin and then Zanjan,Have small trekking in Alborz lovely mountain to feel Assasian history and then lovely ovan lake and then in our way to Zanjan visit Soltanie dome 3rd biggest in the world.

Day 4Drive to Masuleh

Drive to Fuman North of Iran full of forest and drive through lovely road to Masuleh and in the way to there visit open air museum of Gilan rural life.

Day 5Drive to Tabriz

Drive through Iran famous forest road Heyran to Ardebil and stop for caspian sea and In the way to Astara visit pareh sar waterfall and visit sheikh safi Tomb in Ardebil and keep going to Tabriz.

Day 6 Tabriz and Kandovan

First Visit Blue mosque and then Grand bazaar Unesco longest roofed Bazaar and Citidal of Tabriz and keep our way to Kandovan Rocky village and do some Trekking around drive back to Tabriz.

Day 7 Drive to Jolfa Armenian part and Churches

Drive to Border of Iran with 3 countries(Armenia,Azerbaijan,Turkey) and visit Aras River and Geosites there and Caravanseray visit 2 important Churches for Armenian community there and Back to Tabriz.

Day 8 Drive to Tekab

Leave Tabriz Heading south west Kurdish Area in Iran and Visit Bonab mosque and keep going to Takht Soleyman complex and its volcanic mountain Unesco Site.

Day 9 Drive to sanandaj and Kamyaran

Drive to Sanandaj Kurdish capital,Sanandaj, or Sine, is the capital of Kordestan province in Northwestern Iran, and is 95 miles (153km) from the Iran-Iraq border. The population of Sanandaj is mainly comprised of ethnic Kurds, with Armenian, Jewish and Arab minorities. visit Kurd house and Museum and then drive to Ghale village.

Day 10Drive to Kermanshah

Drive to historical village Palangan and visit that drive back to Kermanshah Sassanid Town in Iran and visit Tag bostan and city center.

Day 11Drive to Hamedan

Visit Bisotun and keep the way to Hamedan City of Aviccena and evening in Hamedan Bazaar and Aviccena Tomb and Ester Mortkhay Jewish tomb.

Day 12Drive to khorram abad

Visit Ganj nameh inscription in Hamedan and then Drive to lovely castel in Khorram abad, the Lor community .

Day 13 Drive through mountains to Fereydon shahr

Town of Georgians in Iran and do Excursion there visit nomad.

Day 14Drive to Isfahan

Leave the Fereydon Shahr and arrive Isfahan Half of the world and start to do sight seeing 33 Eye bridge and Khajoo bridge and Naqhsh jahan evening view.

Day 15Isfahan

Visit Naqshe jahan square,Royal square and Aliqapu palace, Emam mosque,Sheikh lotfollah mosque and Chehel sotun complex.

Day 16 Isfahan

Visit Friday mosque 9th century mosque and Armenian street and Vank cathedral and evening on your own.

Day 17Drive to Shiraz

Drive beside the Zagros mountains and visit Abarkuh Cypress tree then visit Pasargade on the way to Shiraz Evening in Shiraz visiting Hafez tomb.

Day 18 Shiraz

Persepolis and Necropolice and evening on your own.

Day 19Shiraz

Shiraz city of Grapes and poems,Narenjestan Garden and Nasir ol molk mosque and grand bazaar and Vakil complex and Shah cherag shrine.

Day 20Drive to Meymand

Drive through Sirjan and visit Meymand under ground city in Iran.

Day 21Drive to Kerman

Visit kerman Central and important city in South East of Iran, Ganj ali khan complex in the evening.

Day 22Drive to Bam

Drive to Mahan visit shah nemat Shrine and Shahzadeh garden and then visit huge Castel of Rayen and keep going to bam and visit the Castel.

Day 23Drive to shahdad and Kerman

Drive thorough lovely dragon teeth mountain to Shahdad natural hills made by sand in the desert and visit Kaluts and then drive back to Kerman.

Day 24 Drive to Zeinodin Caravanseray

Desert enjoy and star watching for this night.

Day 25Drive to Yazd

Visit Dolat abad Gardan and old town Fire temple and Old town enjoy Persian night(optional) Ceremony.

Day 26Yazd and resting

Silence tower and Friday mosque and evening Zorkhaneh Iranian traditional sport.

Day 27Drive to Kashan

Visit Abyaneh village on the way and visit Kashan in the evening Fin Garden and houses and Great style of Bazaar.

Day28 Tehran to Mashhad

Shrine of 8th emam of Shie religion.

Day 29Mashhad

Visit Tus, Ferdowsi Shahnameh poet tomb then back to Mashhad in the evening and Fly home late at night.

(3 Reviews)
  • catherine leducq

    Nov 01, 2018

    We met hamid once we arrived during the night in Tabriz. We spent 10 days together from north west until teheran Our total travel in Iran, was of one month but we had already organised the other part of the trip We enjoyed very much the time spent with him. The car is in very good shape and Hamid is a good and secure driver He has a high educaton, and speaks extremely good english and his knowledge in the country, history, is of great help Also we enjoyed the pic nics ( Iranian style) and his flexiblity to adapt to our way of travelling ( ie we wanted some days to be on our own) His advices were always very good. We had opportunities to meet local people I recommend Hamid as an experienced guide if you want you can contact me for further information We organised meeting him again for a drink in Ispahan as he was travelling with a group of americans


  • Derek Barnett

    Nov 04, 2018

    Let me begin by saying that Iran is a marvellous place, an absolute MUST for any serious traveller. Its generous, hospitable, industrious, cultured people - are the key to having a wonderful experience in Iran. Iran’s long rich diverse history, has left behind a plethora of archaeological, architectural sites. Its cities are beautifully endowed with -breathtaking palaces, shrines, mosques, museums, bazaars, artisans and gardens. There is a wonderfully diverse scenery throughout this large country. Every kind of terrain awaits you – undulating hills, forests, mountains, deserts, waterfalls, caves, river valleys, verdant farm lands, sea coasts. All of which are accessed by a good road system. For the shopaholic and food buff, there is plenty here also in Iran, to satisfy you. The best way, the ONLY way to see Iran - is to do it with it with the indigenous company – Iran4travelling. This is essential in visiting and seriously understanding Iran – a country unfortunately, so misunderstood and misrepresented at times in the World. I have been a serious traveller for over 40 years. On average I traveller overseas 3 or 4 times a year. I don’t do guided tours, but sole travel. Often on long trips I opt for an extensive private guided tour. Iran4travelling is the consummate professional travel organisation. They were exemplary in the consultative process in planning my trip. Always prompt in their communication, Iran4travelling used their vast wealth of Knowledge of Iran in helping to design the perfect individual itinerary for me. They were incredibly receptive to my needs and interests and showed great flexibility when things had to be changed. The itinerary Iran4travelling came up for me was excellent. It was comprehensive and varied. What I liked in particular, was the opportunity at times, to engage Iran’s people by staying in - villages, in caves, on farms, in very small hotels/guest houses along with the more salubrious accommodation { 5 star hotels and ex-palaces }. The Execution of my travel plan by Iran4travelling was flawless.My private tour with Iran4travelling in 2018 covered over 10,000 KMs and most regions of Iran. From being met initially at the airport in Tehran to my send off at Mashhad - everything worked perfectly. My trip involved several internal flights and airport pickups, all of which happened without a hitch. As previously mentioned, the accommodation was just what I wanted. The suggested restaurants to me provided good value, interesting tasteful local cuisines. My transport was a modern, comfortable, airconditioned vehicle, driven expertly by the ever obliging Aydin { whom I will speak of latter } The mix of sites was very well balanced, the famous and less so, the grand and the local key, the accessible and the remote, the extensive and the simple, the clustered and the isolated, the scenic and the urbane All of these were shown/explained to me by the highly professional-articulate guides provided by Iran4travelling - Iran, Dezful and Mashhad. I was never rushed and could explore at my convenience. In particular I must comment on my guide- Aydin, who was nothing short of perfect. Aydin made my trip all the more memorable through his commendable - diligence, polite good nature, flexibility (thanks Aydin for the side trips looking for each town’s coffee cafes), patience, problem solving, historical and cultural Knowledge, local insights and skilful driving. His English was completely fluent, which facilitated excellent conversations, explanations and informative questioning. Apart from being an outstanding guide, Aydin was a wonderful travel companion. His enthusiasm for his work and his country never waned. He truly is a credit to Iran4travelling and to Iran itself ! In summation let me say – go to Iran, for this purpose engage Iran4travelling and use Aydin or a clone of his. I would be happy to field any questions about Iran through email : Happy and satisfying travels, Derek

  • Richard Beal

    Jan 16, 2020

    Aydin Nezafat was our guide and driver for three trips to Iran of a month each and we can say as a fact that he is the best guide ever. He speaks natively Persian (Farsi) and Azeri, and is also proficient in English and Anatolian Turkish. He was there with us when we had breakfast in the morning, ordered us lunch and dinner and went to bed when we did unless the car needed some emergency repair. We always stayed in tourist class hotels and, where there were none, he found us a home stay, which is a nice experience by itself. The food in Iran is amazing, and Aydin knows where the best restaurants are in the most unlikely places—downstairs in an old caravansary, the garden or rooftop of a grand old mansion. Care for camel milk ice cream flavored with fresh saffron? How about chicken or lamb or even kebab in pomegranate walnut sauce or the famous Tabriz meatballs? And to go with, one of the malt fruit drinks like blueberry or cherry. Aydin was always good tempered and never a grouch we never had any reason to be cross with him. We like to get a lot done in a day, and that can include some very long drives. He never complained, and kept us safe—we never had an accident, not even a fender bender. He has been just about everywhere any tourist would wish to see, and could easily make suggestions for archaeological sites, a four-thousand year old Ziggurat, Elamite, Achaemenid, Parthian or Sassanian rock reliefs, the elaborate carved plaster and inlaid tile of medieval buildings, grand mosques, fascinating and sometimes spectacular old mansions in a variety of styles, amazing vertical windmills, colorful ethnographic museums, and amazing bath houses. Also something you might not expect—some really interesting modern architecture. Have something specific in mind? No worries, he will be open to whatever you suggest, including trekking. We like to see things that are literally off-the-beaten track, like rock reliefs half way up a mountain, and castles that are off the map in the midst of trackless desert, and we came, we saw, and we photographed. There were also any number of locked doors that he managed to open for us. Our most treasured experience was on our most recent trip, when we participated (as spectators) in the annual festival of the Ashura, which features deeply moving religious ceremonies enlivened by a carnival battle re-enactment with real horses and camels and men in medieval armor plus series of parades with floats that kept us riveted for hours. We arranged our trip to Iran with iran4travelling. Aydin himself is one of the managers and guides of iran4travelling. Any questions? If you want to know more, you can find our contact from Iran4travelling. Richard Beal and JoAnn Scurlock, Chicago, Illinois, USA

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