• Apr 19, 2018

Rocky Unique Kandovan

Scenic hamlet less than an hour drive from Tabriz, Kandovan slightly reminds of Turkey’s Cappadocia both for its geographical conformation and laid-back vibe, and just like Cappadocia, here houses are carved into the mountain, rather than built on it. I booked my hotel in Tabriz, but visitors who wish to have a little relax in a truly secluded space can book a fully furnished, all-comfort-included room right here. While external facades might mislead you to think you are going to find inadequate services and facilities, I managed to peep at a private interior when a tiny chador-clad woman was opening the door and all I could detect was no less than a spotless, gleaming, modern luxury. Narrow and winding stone staircases complete the magical scene, but if I were to make a suggestion to the local council, would be to try to hide the ever-present electrical wires and replace the shiny steel rooftops with something a little more traditional-looking.