Chehel Sotun Palace

  • Apr 19, 2018

Chehel Sotun Palace Art piece 

An architectural masterpiece in form of garden has emerged inside the city of Isfahan which is called Chehel Sotoun (fourty colomns) Garden. Chehel Sotoun is a mansion in the heart of a garden constructed by Shah Abbas II for receptions and amusements.

Ambassadors and dignitaries from other countries were received in here by the Safavid King of Iran inside its reception halls. The twenty slender columns out of wood which support the entrance mansion whose shadows are reflected inside the water and seem to make up the sum of Forty Columns. This palace embraces many paintings, frescoes and ceramic panels depicting historical scenes such as the Battle of Chaldiran, the reception of Uzbek King right after the completion of the palace and so on.

There are also pictures of celebrations of joy and love in traditional Persian miniature styles. This attraction is one of the 9 Persian Gardens which is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The delicately decorated walls of this palace with gorgeous murals and paintings are astonishingly beautiful.