Eram Garden

  • Apr 19, 2018

Eram Garden

The historic Eram Garden is one of the best attractions of Shiraz with an old pavilion inside and one of the best examples of Persian Gardens in Shiraz near the Khoshk (dry) River. The world famous poet of Shiraz, Hafiz points to this garden in some of his poems. The garden was given to Shiraz University in 1963 by the government. And then it was transformed into a botanical garden with various species from all over the world.

The beautiful Eram garden was registered as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011 as the symbol of Persian gardens and fond a worldwide fame. At present it attracts visitors from all walks of life not only for its historical identity but also for its beauty and as a botanical research center. The pond and its fountains give this beautiful garden the nicest views especially during the night when the play with lights is functioning. These features along with the present elements of Persian Gardens in Iran has converted this garden to one of the best and top places worth a visit in Iran.

Thus this attractive attraction attracts many Persian and foreigner visitors to enjoy its scenic views and its nice atmosphere.The garden bears a favorable environment for over 45 plant species and many cultivars to be grown identified and labeled accordingly. It has a vast area allocated to fruit trees including pomegranates, sour oranges, persimmons, olives and walnuts. In the rock garden part, a wide range of beautiful sub-tropical plants are on display. The beautiful 200-year-old towering cypress trees are globally known as (Sarv-e- naz) attract visitors from around the world to the garden. And over 300 rose species create a panoramic view in April.Its building is regarded as a masterpiece of Qajar era with respect to its architecture, painting, tiling, chiseling, lithography and tori.

The edifice is a three-storey building with a metal roof. There is a portico in front of the building which has a flat roof supported by two columns. Seven colored tiles are used throughout the building with scenes representing the Iranian national and religious stories. The columns of the building are covered by monolithic Gandomak slabs of more than two meters high on which poems by famous Iranian literary figures Hafiz, Saadi, and Shourideh Shirazi are carved.The panoramic views of the garden, the aroma of flowers, the splendid view of old cypress trees and the grandeur of ancient building enchants visitors from all over the world and these are some of the reasons this unique garden has become one of the most visited attractions of Shiraz and is included in the itineraries of almost all travel packages of Iran tours.