The Yazd Jameh Mosque

  • Apr 19, 2018

Yazd Jameh Mosque

Which is the most beautiful tiled mosque of 12th century with its splendid architecture near which you can go shopping in the beautifully lit, vibrant bazaar and you can buy Yazdi cake and Baklava and Ghottab. This mosque has been rebuilt during the era between 1324 and 1365. So we can also call this place an outstanding 14th century building of Iran. The Azari style of Persian architecture mosque is crowned by a pair of minarets. The most attractive point about this mosque is its eye-catching colored tiles of its façade. Blue, gray and white tiles have elegantly decorated Inside its long arcaded courtyard, there is an exquisitely built priceless inscription of mosaic tiles which conveys to the beholder a sense of beauty. You can even enjoy the brick work of the ceilings of the mosque. You can also take marvelously beautiful pictures near this site when the sun sets.