Ameriha House

  • Apr 19, 2018

Ameriha House

It is one of the largest traditional houses in Kashan with seven courtyards which was built during the Zand era and like the other houses around, it was rebuilt in the 19th century, after the city was destroyed by a series of destructive earthquakes in the 18th century.

The 5-satr boutique house has around 85 rooms, the highest wind catcher (Badgir) between houses in Kashan and like other traditional homes of Iran, it consists of interior and exterior parts, porch, pool, yard, crew yard , stable covered with various beautiful and artistic decorations of Iran such as stucco, Mogharnas, paintings on plaster, woodwork, woodcarving and some other ornamentation arts.

It is closest to some monuments of Kashan like Tabatabai House and Borojerdi House that are the most beautiful samples of Persian Culture and architecture. The traditional houses are among the best choices between Iran hotels you can book online. Historical local houses of Kashan are well known and among them Saraye Ameriha is the most striking mansion with seven nested yards and the longest wind catcher of the city.

In the past, here was the house of the greatest Ameriha family who were tollkeepers of Silk Road for years. This fantastic edifice converted it to a beautiful and marvelous accommodation which will host you with Persian style.